Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vegan Caesar Salad (and Blog Name Change)

Well, the original idea of this blog was to challenge myself to make one new recipe a week, totalling 52 new recipes in the year. The year is now over, and I made it to 18 new recipes. I guess I already have enough challenges in my life :) Anyway, I still like cooking and eating, so I have changed the blog a little. I will continue to share any new recipes that I try and the verdict from my household, but I will also start sharing some of ou favorite, tried and true vegetarian recipes. On top of that, I will share our adventures in dining out as picky vegetarians. It should be fun.

New Recipe: Vegan Caesar Salad found on a blog called 101 Cookbooks and originally from the cookbook Veganomicon
Verdict: Yummy! Glad that the recipe makes extra dressing :)

Rob and I had never tried caesar salad as meateaters, and once we became vegetarian we stayed away because of the anchovies. Recently, he had an urge to try a vegetarian version. I found this recipe online and voila.

The dressing was surprisingly garlicky. The croutons were fantastic. And the lettuce, well it was lettucey. Rob had parmesan on his, and said that it really made the dressing sing.
A definite winner.

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