Monday, February 14, 2011

Seitan "Hotwings"

Recipe: Vegan Boneless Chickenless Hot Wings found on the amazing VeganDad blog. For the vegan chicken broth powder, I used this recipe.

Verdict: These are awesome. They are so much better than any premade veggie protein that you buy in the store. Even though I was full, I could not stop eating them:) Rob loved them too. He couldn't stop saying things like "fantastic" and "amazing." I will definitely make them again, and I will experiment with different seasonings.

Here is the dough before being shaped and breaded.

Breaded, in the oven and ready to bake.
And the finished product, served with, you guessed it, vegan caesar salad.
Rob un-vegan-ized his by adding parmesan cheese and ranch dressing.

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