Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 5: Chocolate Dipped Madness

Recipe: Chocolate dipped stuff
Verdict: Yum. Definitely do again.

I bought some strawberries today at the produce store, and it inspired me to melt some chocolate and start dipping. I have made chocolate dipped strawberries before, but I wanted to try something new. I started by melting some chocolate chips in a double boiler(basically the chips are put in a pyrex bowl that sits over a pan of boiling water). Doesn't it look yummy? Smells good too :)
Remember the mini moon pies from last week? Well, I decided to cover them in chocolate to make them more like a real moon pie(This was actually Rob's idea). As you can see I used tongs, so I wouldn't burn my fingers. Mmmmm.

Here are the strawberries I bought...
I had a little chocolate left, and I decided to try dipping a different fruit: mandarin orange.
They looked really funny after the dipping :)
Here is everything after some time in the refrigerator. The moon pies were phenomenal!! Wow! The orange slices popped in my mouth. They were also tasty. And of course, chocolate covered strawberries are always good.

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